6 passengers indoor e ambulance
6 passengers indoor e ambulance
special use electric ambulance one standard stretcher, one medicine box plexiglass windshield beside patient good choice for short range transporting

electric ambulance

  • this electric ambulance can carry at least 6 person:  one driver, one patient and four attendents

  • standard stretcher with size 192cm*62cm*34cm

  • one medicine box 

  • each seat with seat belt

  • overall dimension 3700mm*1460mm*2100mm, if buy CBU, 20 feet container can load 1 unit and 40 feet container can load 3 units.

  • 48v/4.2kw electric system

  • 8pcs*6v/220ah water-refilled lead-acid battery

  • our own brand Yucheng motor

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